Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-centred 12 Step Recovery Program
  • Do you believe, or want to believe in God, yet can’t seem to? 
  • Do you want to trust God with your whole life, yet live in fear? 
  • Is serenity only an ideal; seldom experienced? 
  • Does life feel overwhelming? 
  • Are your relationships clouded by conflict and confusion? 
  • Do you have resentments, anger, fear or loneliness? 
  • Do you have persistent feelings of low self-worth, shame, guilt? 
  • Do you have recurring pain about relationships and life in general? 
  • Have you tried to change your behaviours without success? 
  • Have you tried to change the behaviours of people around you?
  • Do those you try to “help” not cooperate? 
  • Do you feel angry or hurt, asking, ”Why do they resent me”? 
  • Do your prayers for God’s help feel unanswered? 
  • Have you kept your secret pain secret? 
  • Are you realizing you don’t have the needed power? 
  • Are you lacking spiritual resources to overcome the pain? 
  • Do you have a difficulty and want to change?